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What is Way to Be?

Way to Be! - Living Respectfully is an education program created by and for Alberta teachers to help address traffic safety in schools and communities. The Way to Be! Facilitator Guide consists of lesson plans and materials that complement the Alberta curriculum and existing leadership programs in schools.






What makes it different?





Way to Be! takes a comprehensive approach involving students, staff, and parents in the solution. Our checklist and surveys help everyone see the real difference Way to Be! can make in our communities.



Why do we need it?

We all want our children to be safe on the way to and from school. Life is busy and sometimes we forget to set positive examples. Way to Be! sees changing our attitudes and behaviours as the first step towards creating safer communities.

Way to Be! complements existing leadership programs in schools by encouraging adults and students to reflect on the impact of their behaviours on traffic safety.


What can you expect?

  • Positive Role Modelling

  • Student Engagement

  • Increased awareness

  • Facilitator Guide

  • Lesson Plans with Curriculum Connections by grade

  • Electronic Student Activities


What a great program! Thoughtfully developed, loaded with multi-levelled activities - so relevant for today's world.


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